We can help AMPORTS operate more effectively

The Cognosos inventory tracking solution can provide AMPORTS with real-time location data, automated tracking, and workflow intelligence — a breakthrough improvement over legacy technology and at a lower cost of ownership.

With thousands of vehicles to deal with on a daily basis, you face logistical and operational challenges that are hard for the average person to imagine.

As a leader in finished vehicle logistics for more than 60 years, it’s obvious that AMPORTS takes pride in providing high quality services and has a great reputation for being innovative. Your website says, “AMPORTS offers real time vehicle tracking, state-of-the-art technology, custom software, and back up technology to ensure quality service.”

Are you using barcode scanning? RFID? Or something else entirely? What are some of the shortcomings of your current inventory location and tracking solution? Do you have a live, real-time geolocation solution to spot and track every vehicle using a smartphone?

Wouldn’t it be great if you could locate 100% of your vehicles 100% of the time? Right now. In real time.

AMPORTS Benicia, CA. Source: Google Earth

What kind of impact would that have on you, your team, and your entire operation?

What if you had the data and analytics to measure throughput, trigger alerts and identify process improvements? How could you improve the services you’re providing your customers, and what impact would that have on your revenues and bottom line?

Breakthrough vehicle tracking solution by Cognosos

What would you save? Hours of employee time? Expenses related to recruiting, hiring, and training?   Headaches associated with breakdowns and disruptions in your services?

As a key member of the AMPORTS team I’d like to extend you a personal invitation to discuss how other leading organizations are leveraging new technology to modernize their finished vehicle logistics operations. I’m interested in hearing about your specific challenges.

If you are looking for an opportunity to modernize your operations, streamline your processes, and alleviate a lot of pain, we’d love to talk. We’ll be happy to introduce you to Cognosos and give you a new perspective on how Internet of Things technology is changing the way VPCs run their operations.

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