Transforming the auction experience

RadioTrax®– our complete IoT solution for auctions – gives you with the tools to increase velocity, maximize throughput, and provide great buyer and seller experiences.

  • Rapidly locate any car on main or storage lot – no more scanning, no more searching.

  • Maximize throughput – Improve process efficiency by using alerts and automation to keep things moving.

  • Great customer experiences – Keep buyers and sellers up-to-date in real time.

  • Instant insights – At any moment, know how volume and velocity compare to historical performance.

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No more scanning, no more searching

With RadioTrax, no matter where someone last left a vehicle, we show you right where it is (and how it got there).  Our dashboard gives your team the exact location of every vehicle on your lot(s) in real time. Your team can spend less time searching and more time keeping your operations moving like a well oiled machine.  


Faster down the line

If your team is not communicating, your entire operations can slow to a crawl. From check-in to sale, we help eliminate idle time by alerting the next person in the process when a vehicle is ready and its location. Higher inventory velocity equals more profit.   


Thanks for selling

Keeping the wheel greased means it never squeaks. Whether you need approval for repair work or providing real time notifications for vehicles sold, RadioTrax allows you to automatically keep your customers updated every step of the way.  


Stay Alert

Not knowing what’s going on with your inventory is unsettling. Whether its taking manual counts or comparing current operational performance to historical, RadioTrax gives you the information to know exactly how your operations are performing.

Why RadioTrax?

No upfront costs

Choosing an inventory tracking solution shouldn’t be a gamble. Your RadioTrax subscription includes hardware, software, setup, and ongoing support. And that means we’ll be here to help long after we get you up and running.

Never obsolete

Technology changes. And when it does, we change with it. With RadioTrax, new hardware and software updates are all part of your subscription – keeping you on the cutting edge.

Grows as your auction grows

Why pay for what you don’t need? Other inventory tracking solutions make you buy expensive equipment. With RadioTrax, we give you the flexibility to pay for the tracking equipment you need – and never for what you don’t.

How it Works

Whether your vehicles are spread across a single or multiple lots, RadioTrax is designed to scale in price and geographic coverage to fit your dealership’s layout.

Simple tracker installation

Installation is a snap – just scan, attach, and track

Real-time vehicle movements

Always know where inventory is and where it’s been

Display exact location

Search based on almost any criteria (color, model, VIN, etc.)

Setup alerts and reporting

Customize alerts and reports to automate your day

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