No More Vehicles Getting Lost on the Lot

Finding and tracking specific vehicles can be a tremendous challenge. The available technologies to solve this problem, such as bar codes and RFID, have fallen short, but there have been no alternatives… until now.

Three big questions for franchise auto dealers

1. Do you lose precious time locating inventory?

2. Is your sales team pushing the oldest car on your lot first?

3. Are you looking to reduce the time to frontline for your inventory?


You need RadioTrax!


At Cognosos and we have developed an IoT solution (RadioTrax) for franchise auto dealers that empowers you with the tools to provide seamless customer experiences, increase sales, and optimize operations.

Watch Now
VIDEO: See how easy it is to locate a vehicle using this app!
  • Rapidly locate any car on main or storage lot – no more scanning, no more searching
  • Automate monthly inventory – See an audit of your tracked inventory against your DMS with the click of a button
  • Secure your vehicles – Reports and custom alerts keep you informed on vehicles entering or leaving lots
  • Test drive insights – Find out which vehicles are moving but not selling

To see learn more about RadioTrax, please fill out the form to request a scheduled time to talk with an expert.


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