Cognosos Deploys RadioTrax Inventory-Management Solution at Four Metro Atlanta Hennessy Auto Dealerships

ATLANTA (FEBRUARY 8, 2018) — Cognosos, a supplier of enterprise IoT services, has completed the deployment of its RadioTrax™ vehicle inventory-management platform at four Atlanta-based Hennessy Automobile dealerships. Personnel at RadioTrax-equipped Hennessy stores now avoid time-consuming searches, instantly locating any vehicle in inventory – regardless of recent movement across multiple lots.

While wireless technology has improved inventory management in many industries, technologies such as RFID are too expensive to scale to cover an entire lot. This has left dealerships, auction sites and port authorities dependent on inefficient and error-prone manual inventory tracking and searches.

RadioTrax eliminates those hurdles with patented wireless cloud technologies. A low-cost, battery-operated tracker placed within each vehicle relays location information to activators and gateways, which easily scale to cover even the largest or multiple lots. Dashboards transform the collected data into highly useful, real-time information for inventory management.

“RadioTrax saves our personnel 10 to 15 minutes per customer, greatly improving both the buying experience and our associates’ efficiency,” said Chris Moore, new car sales manager at Hennessy Buick GMS. “When someone wants to test drive a car they saw on our website, we can pull it up to the show room door almost instantly – regardless of where it currently is within our seven lots.”

According to Cognosos co-founder and CTO Jim Stratigos, the company’s technology is key to making RadioTrax affordable and scalable. “RadioTrax uses a patented cloud-based wireless system to provide coverage of even the largest lots,” says Stratigos. “Other solutions using RFID and Bluetooth are simply unable to scale to cover dealerships cost effectively.”

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Cognosos creates advanced Internet of Things (IoT) solutions that enable enterprises to increase sales and improve efficiencies. Its RadioCloud® platform enables enterprises to deploy value-creating services with greater reliability and at a fraction of the cost of competing approaches. For more information, visit

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