Transforming the dealership experience

RadioTrax® – our complete IoT solution for dealerships – empowers you with the tools to provide seamless customer experiences, increase sales, and optimize operations.

How can Cognosos help dealers wow their customers?

“We can get a customer’s test drive to the show room door almost instantly – regardless of where it is on one of our seven lots. RadioTrax is saving our sales team 10 to 15 minutes per customer.”

~Chris Moore, New Car Sales Manager, Hennessey Buick GMC

  • Rapidly locate any car on main or storage lot – no more scanning, no more searching.

  • Track test drives – number, duration, frequency, success of marketing campaigns

  • Enhance website search results by displaying the exact location of the vehicle on your lot

  • Alerts when vehicles enter or leave lots – loaners and test drives

  • Automate monthly inventory – easily audit your tracked inventory against your DMS

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Goodbye “where the $!&% did that car go?!”

Your salesperson is walking around aimlessly hitting the “alarm” button on the keys. Not a great way to earn a sale. Scanners leave you at the mercy of human error and RFID is lacking in range. Enter RadioTrax – Cognsos’ complete IoT solution for dealerships. With RadioTrax, no matter if a vehicle is on your main or an auxiliary lot, you’ll never leave a customer waiting while. Our dashboard gives your team the exact location of every vehicle on your lot(s) in real time. So, your team can spend less time searching and more time doing what they do best – selling.


Test. Drive. Buy.

How many cars will you sell next week? How effective is the radio ad you ran on a specific Model last week? Start tracking the one action nearly every customer takes before purchase – the test drive.By monitoring time and frequency of test drives, RadioTrax gives you the data to confidently forecast sales opportunities and spend marketing dollars wisely.


Give the people what they want

Telling a customer their dream vehicle they found online was sold yesterday is a sure-fire way to lose a sale. Of course, there’s a better way.Show online shoppers accurate picture of every available vehicle on your lot – and never one’s that are not. Give potential customers the confidence to know ‘what they see, is what they get’.


Stay Alert

Why does that new sports car keep disappearing for two hours during lunch everyday?Not knowing what’s going on with your inventory is unsettling. Whether you are tracking demos, loaners, or test drives, RadioTrax shows you when the car left the lot and every stop it makes outside dealership property. 


Count on Us

Manual inventory counts are time consuming and inaccurate. With just a click, we give you a roll up of your entire inventory so the only thing you’ll be counting is the time you saved.

Why RadioTrax?

No upfront costs

Choosing an inventory tracking solution shouldn’t be a gamble. Your RadioTrax subscription includes hardware, software, setup, and ongoing support. And that means we’ll be here to help long after we get you up and running.

Never obsolete

Technology changes. And when it does, we change with it. With RadioTrax, new hardware and software updates are all part of your subscription – keeping you on the cutting edge.

Grows as your dealership grows

Why pay for what you don’t need? Other inventory tracking solutions make you buy expensive equipment. With RadioTrax, we give you the flexibility to pay for the tracking equipment you need – and never for what you don’t.

How it Works

Whether your vehicles are spread across a single or multiple lots, RadioTrax is designed to scale in price and geographic coverage to fit your dealership’s layout.

Simple tracker installation

Installation is a snap. Just scan, attach, and track. 

Monitor car movements in real time

Always know where it is and where it’s been.

Display exact location

Search based on almost any criteria (color, model, VIN, etc.)

Setup Alerts and Reports

Customize alerts and reports to automate your day

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