Cognosos provides logistics facilities with real-time visibility to assets like trailers, containers, and yard equipment, enabling productivity increases that accelerate your operations.

The result: reduced detention charges, increased dock productivity, higher equipment utilization, and employees focused on their work instead of searching the yard for misplaced trailers and containers.

Common Challenges Faced in Distribution Management

Inefficiencies, bottlenecks, and errors can ripple through your entire supply chain. The ability to manage and quickly locate trailers, containers, equipment, and other assets is critical to operations at logistical facilities like distribution centers, intermodal yards and storage lots.

Supply chains are accelerating even as the business climate becomes more unpredictable. Manual processes for managing and tracking assets are no longer sufficient, leaving operations personnel to face challenges that include:

  • Inefficient yard management requiring increased spend on personnel like spotters and trailer shuttles
  • Delays in locating empties stretching out outbound load schedules
  • Detention charges for trailers, containers, and drivers
  • Poor utilization and management of space, disrupting procedures and necessitating additional trailer moves

Improving Distribution Operations with Advanced Technology

Cognosos provides a turnkey system that harnesses Internet of Things technology to deliver real-time asset tracking and intelligence. An innovative wireless network deploys in a day and works in concert with smart asset tags that can be placed in or on goods, containers, equipment — virtually anything you want to track. A complete solution with minimal infrastructure to install drives immediate value for your operation.

  • Reduce time associated with searches for assets and equipment and nightly yard checks
  • Gain real-time visibility to tagged equipment across your facility
  • Define geofence zones to track trailers and equipment and trigger alerts relative to assigned locations
  • Tap into advanced analytics to support operational workflows and associated metrics like dwell times
  • Quickly integrate with key operations systems like Yard Management and Warehouse Management

What Can You Expect with Cognosos?

  • A cost-effective real-time asset tracking system that deploys easily at your facility
  • A solution that creates value immediately and drives real and significant return on investment
  • A cloud-based solution that easily integrates with your operations systems and technologies through comprehensive RESTful APIs
  • A technology partner who will monitor and maintain the system for you, so you can focus on your customers and operations

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