Bring your assets online with cost-effective wireless technology


Gain real-time visibility to asset location enabling you to make informed, data-driven decisions.


Use analytics and historical performance reporting to make better business decisions.

Indoor Asset Tracking

Our complete asset tracking platform is the smarter, more productive way to keep up with equipment and inventory as they move around within your facilities. We provide true Real-Time Location Services (RTLS) that connect your assets to the cloud and deliver the location intelligence you need to improve utilization, increase employee productivity, and deliver a great customer experience.

  • Leverage existing infrastructure.
    Cognosos uses low-cost, easily installed Bluetooth (BLE) beacons to create a digital map of your facility. We’ll utilize beacons you already have in place if you have a wayfinding system or have recently installed LED lighting or WiFi infrastructure with BLE capabilities.
  • Improve asset utilization.
    Full visibility to important equipment and other assets translates into improved utilization. You’ll eliminate the rentals and excess purchases that make up for missing assets, and ensure that equipment is shared across teams — not hoarded.
  • Accelerate supply chains.
    You’ll find your inventory faster and move it into your supply chain efficiently. Monitor status all the way to the final place of sale and ensure it’s ready and available for your customers.
  • Manage exceptions.
    Using Cognosos’ advanced analytics, highlight problem assets like rental equipment that’s been on-site too long. We’ll give you the dwell time profile of all your assets, letting you zero in on assets that haven’t moved.
  • Automate business rules.
    Cognosos applies your own business rules to assets and their locations, alerting you if they’re not where they’re supposed to be based on geofence zone assignments. You’ll be fully on top of key requirements like hospital par levels.

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