Testimonial Video

How does Cognosos help Auctions Operate More Effectively?

Bob McConkey and his team talk about how Cognosos has helped McConkey Auction Group improve overall auction day experiences and gain a competitive advantage.

VIDEO: McConkey Auction Group talks about the improved experience using Cognosos.

“One of the challenges of running an auction is finding cars. [With Cognosos] people are able to look at the app and walk right to the car.”

~ Bob McConkey, President/CEO of McConkey Auction Group

What Can You Expect with Cognosos?

  • Accurate, real-time geolocation data for all your inventory on site
  • Employees focused on value-added work instead of scanning and searching for inventory
  • Lower employee turnover leading to lower recruiting, hiring, and onboarding costs
  • The ability to better service your customers with improved information and visibility
  • An overall lower cost of ownership system that provides you with better information, leading to a fast return on investment
  • A single technology partner who will monitor and maintain the system for you so you can focus on your operations and customers