Transforming the parking experience

RadioParx® – the complete IoT smart parking solution from Cognosos – is the best way to drive more revenue per space and deliver great parking experiences for both drivers and merchants. 

  • Real time space availability

  • Display occupancy thresholds and available spaces

  • Overstay warnings

  • Demand-based pricing

  • Integration with existing lot solutions

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Real Time Parking Space Availability

You have spaces available on your lot but how do let drivers know? Our sensors open up the opportunity to communicate with parking apps to let people easily find their way to your lot or reserve a spot. That means more spaces filled, more often, and more revenue for you.


Occupancy thresholds and availability for each level and lot

Circling a lot looking for a space is frustrating. Give your customers a real time view of where and how many spaces on your lot are available by level or section.


Overstay Warnings

Unpaid time in a parking spot is lost revenue for you. Sending an attendant out for manual checks is time consuming. We help you avoid both. We send you notifications the moment time expires so you can take action.


Demand-based pricing

Whether it’s game day or a lazy Tuesday afternoon, RadioParx helps you determine the perfect price to keep your lot filled. Much the way a hotel increases prices as rooms fill up – we give you the ability to automatically adjust pricing as your lot reaches capacity.


Staying connected

What good is technology if using it takes more work than it saves? RadioParx works directly with your lot management, gate control, and payment software to save your staff time and deliver you more revenue per space.

How it Works

Whether you have surface lots or garages , RadioParx is designed to scale in price and geographic coverage to fit your needs.

Peel and stick sensor to each parking spot

See your entire lot availability in real time

We integrate with your systems to centralize your technology

Ready to have the right decision at your fingertips?

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