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Finding and tracking specific vehicles can be a tremendous challenge. The available technologies to solve this problem, such as bar codes and RFID, have fallen short…until now.

VIDEO: Breakthrough vehicle tracking technology – on your phone!

Find every vehicle, every time, with accurate geolocation data. With the Cognosos RadioTrax app, the Finished Vehicle Logistic industry now has a powerful, easy-to-use tracking solution. Check out this short video to see how easy it is to locate a vehicle.
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VIDEO: See how easy it is to locate a vehicle using this app!
  • Streamline vehicle processing operations
  • Locate, stage and ship vehicles on time
  • Optimize workforce schedules and assignments
  • Remove human error associated with scanning
  • Provide great information and visibility for your customers

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Wouldn’t it be great if you could locate 100% of your vehicles 100% of the time? Right now. In real time.

What kind of impact would that have on you, your team, and your entire operation?

What if you had the data and analytics to measure throughput, trigger alerts and identify process improvements? How could you improve the services you’re providing your customers, and what impact would that have on your revenues and bottom line?

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