Connecting millions of assets to gain real-time visibility and intelligence requires problem-solving innovation, technology built to scale economically, and solutions born out of serving real customers. Cognosos complete asset tracking solutions are the only ones built with all three.

Most companies offering up IoT technology only provide components, or pieces, of a total solution. Cognosos delivers a complete solution complemented by our patented technology, RadioCloud. Scalable, cost-effective wireless connectivity is essential for the IoT and thus we developed RadioCloud because no existing or even emerging technology really solved the core problems.


What is RadioCloud?

RadioCloud is designed to provide a flexible wireless platform to drive down the cost of connectivity for enterprise IoT applications. By combining advanced signal processing techniques developed in cooperation with Georgia Tech, Cognosos has been able to achieve breakthroughs in wireless price and performance without the need for custom chip design.

How is RadioCloud better?

RadioCloud uses software defined radio (SDR) technology to reliably communicate over kilometers of range with multi-year battery life. SDR combined with advanced signal processing in the cloud allows even the simplest wireless devices to reliably communicate over kilometers of range.

Why does it matter?

Bluetooth, WiFi, RFID, LTE – all these technologies utilize fixed function silicon chips in both end devices and gateways. Once they are installed then no changes can be made in wireless functionality.


SDR and cloud signal processing provide three critical advantages for the IoT:

Flexible – SDR based gateways can be rapidly re-programmed to deploy new features or to accommodate changes in the number or types of end devices. New technologies to increase range or immunity from interference can be deployed by simply updating gateway software. SDR gateways also provide spectrum flexibility by supporting multiple frequency bands as needed for deployments around the world.

Efficient – Cloud signal processing overcomes the limitations of other LPWA technologies that are limited to efficiencies of less than 20%. RadioCloud provides transmission efficiencies of 75% and higher by removing interference when devices transmit at the same time.

Scalable – RadioCloud networks can be expanded by simply adding more gateways without interrupting traffic or reconfiguring the network. Even a single gateway can support hundreds of channels to handle additional devices or traffic.

Simpler Devices

RadioCloud not only provides a more efficient, scalable and flexible wireless network, it also makes IoT devices simpler. SDR and cloud processing eliminate the need for complex wireless protocols and overhead.  This means that Cognosos can take advantage of a competitive supply chain of vendors who collectively ship hundreds of millions of wireless chips each year to get the optimum solution at the lowest possible price. Chips that cost tens of cents can do the same job as proprietary LPWA devices that cost dollars.

  • Future Proof
  • Vendor Flexibility
  • Low Maintenance

Data to the Cloud

Devices, gateways and SDR are just the engine under the hood of an IoT solution. None of it matters unless data is collected, presented and analyzed in a way that enables business decisions that impact the bottom line.  The RadioCloud IoT application platform is a highly flexible and scalable hosted framework that can be easily configured to support a wide range of device and sensor types. Whether its location, occupancy, movement, or any other sensor type, information can be displayed and analyzed across desktop and mobile platforms. Hosted in AWS, the RadioCloud application platform provides all the features needed to scale Cognosos solutions to millions of devices and thousands of end users.

  • Multi-Tenancy – Rapid new user and application deployment
  • Containerized Software – Scalable cloud deployment
  • Rich API Features – Integrate with 3rd party applications

Dashboard Insights

Data without context is not very useful. Simply putting dots on a map or numbers in a table will not show you the way to increase revenue or reduce costs. For each industry application, Cognosos provides a real set of analytics specifically tailored to actual customer use cases and the data collected by our wireless sensors.  If you need analysis or visualization of you own design, a rich set of APIs will allow your developers to access sensor data in a variety of protocols and formats.

  • Big Data Support – For scalable cloud architecture
  • Device Management – Control all devices from software portal
  • Customizable – Setup dashboards to work the way you do

Ready to take advantage of this breakthrough technology?