With breakthrough technology from Cognosos, Finished Vehicle Logistics teams can transform operations through access to real-time vehicle location data and analytics.

The result: complete control over your vehicle processes; reduced costs and errors associated with legacy technologies like manual scanning and RFID; and world-class service delivered to your customers.

Cognosos Recognized for Innovation in Real-Time Asset Intelligence for Finished Vehicle Logistics with 2020 AutoTech Breakthrough Award

Cognosos Recognized for Innovation in Real-Time Asset Intelligence for Finished Vehicle Logistics with 2020 AutoTech Breakthrough Award

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Common Challenges Faced by Finished Vehicle Logistics

Finished Vehicle Logistics companies and Vehicle Processing Centers build their reputations on the ability to handle thousands of vehicles every week, providing high-quality services that are efficient, reliable, and responsive.  Managing these volumes of finished inventory brings many challenges, including:

  • Locating specific vehicles — or groups of vehicles — across multiple, massive lots
  • Tracking vehicles through processes like accessory installations, detailing, and quality inspections
  • Ensuring vehicles are staged and shipped — complete and on time
  • Triggering alerts and events when unexpected vehicle movements occur
  • Providing customers, haulers and other stakeholders with visibility to vehicle location

“It used to take us 4 or more hours to find 30 cars. With Cognosos, we are able to locate and move those vehicles to the right location in 30 minutes or less.”

~VPC General Manager

Old Problems Solved with New Technology

Finished vehicle inventory location and tracking are age-old problems, and the technologies to solve them, such as bar codes and RFID, have fallen short…until now.

Cognosos delivers Internet of Things (IoT) technology to your vehicles, allowing them to self-report geolocation data and eliminating the error-prone human element.  With IoT-based tracking, you can:

  • Find 100% of your vehicles, 100% of the time with GPS accuracy
  • Reduce the need for manual bar code scanning by employees
  • Remove human error associated with manual scanning and equipment use
  • Generate alerts and events based on vehicle location and proximity
  • Optimize operational processes and use of real estate

Cognosos is a Member of the Georgia Automotive Manufacturers Association

Top Ways Vehicles Get “Lost on the Lot”

As we’ve met with logistics and operations leaders, we’ve heard lots of “lost on the lot” stories.  Here are a few examples:

  1. An employee takes a break from scanning and completely misses a whole row of cars, which are then moved to other lot areas
  2. Employees grab a vehicle from the lot and take it to another processing area without telling anyone
  3. An employee dings a door while moving a car and “hides” it in a back corner of the lot to avoid reprimand
  4. A GPS scanner doesn’t acquire position properly and multiple cars are scanned into the exact same location
Find every vehicle, every time, immediately.

What Can You Expect with Cognosos?

  • Accurate, real-time geolocation data for all your inventory on site
  • Employees focused on value-added work instead of scanning and searching for inventory
  • Lower employee turnover leading to lower recruiting, hiring, and onboarding costs
  • The ability to better service your customers with improved information and visibility
  • An overall lower cost of ownership system that provides you with better information, leading to a fast return on investment
  • A single technology partner who will monitor and maintain the system for you so you can focus on your operations and customers

Get Started

No upfront costs – Cognosos delivers its technology on a subscription basis that includes hardware, software, setup, and ongoing support. And that means we’ll be here to help long after we get you up and running.

Never obsolete – With Cognosos, new product updates are all part of your subscription – keeping you on the cutting edge.

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