Cost Saving Intelligence

While investigating radio astronomy techniques to combine signals from multiple satellite dishes, the founders of Cognosos discovered a way to utilize software-defined radio (SDR) and cloud-based signal processing to dramatically lower the cost and power required for wireless sensor transmitters.

We refined the resulting Cognosos technology with the belief that businesses of all sizes should be able to use a universal, low-cost wireless technology to power real-time business solutions.

The applications of our technology have proven successful and valuable for every single one of our clients across numerous industries—including hospitals, automotive, logistics, and shipping. Today, Cognosos helps clients track more than 4 million assets—accessible at the touch of a screen.

Cognosos” is derived from the Latin verb cognoscere, meaning “to become aware of—to find.” We may be engineers, but we paid attention in our other classes, too.

The lightning bug in our logo signifies how our technology illuminates the location of assets for our clients. Much the same way a lightning bug glows and reveals its location, our proprietary tags send signals revealing theirs. With our user-friendly software, clients can easily monitor their assets—seeing them in real time, whether located inside a building complex, or out in a busy shipping yard.


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