Simplify Your Auction, Achieve Better Results

Discover how easy it is to ensure vehicles are in the right place, at the right time every step of the process. From CR, to mech, to On Spot, to sale and transport, there is a better way with Cognosos.

Don’t Let the Yard Get In The Way of Profitable Operations

Unlock your full potential and find cost-saving opportunities with real-time vehicle location from Cognosos. Improve your processes to do more with your existing staff and reduce insurance premiums to save money.

Tagged vehicles ready for auction

Decrease Insurance Rates

Theft detection and reduced damage allows you to save on your insurance rates.

Stop Wasting Time Looking for Vehicles

Reduce the time it takes to find vehicles and keep you mech shop, detail, etc. busy. 

Smarter Labor Planning

Make informed decisions on labor and resource planning allowing you to do more without adding headcount. 

Stop Hunting For Missing Vehicles

Say goodbye to yard audits and wasted time searching for vehicles. Gain real-time visibility into every vehicle on the yard, and utilize On Spot functionality to ensure vehicles are in the proper lanes ahead of sale day.

Be Prepared for Sales Day

Ensure vehicles are On Spot with intuitive dashboards and reduce the number of sale day dropouts.

Every Vehicle Right Where It Should Be

Eliminate costly delays by ensuring vehicles move efficiently through each stage with automated alerts.

Eliminate Manual Yard Audits

Stop wasting time searching for vehicles by receiving real-time location updates for 100% of your inventory 24/7/365.

Real-Time Information At Your Fingertips

Real-time vehicle location and movement history from Cognosos gives Auto Auctions actionable insights into your process. Easily identify unauthorized and wasteful moves, and ensure that all cars are available on sale day. 

Easily Find Areas of Improvement

Automatically capture and gather data to help eliminate bottlenecks and improve processes.

Reduce Unnecessary Moves

Shine a light on invisible and wasteful moves to identify inefficiencies and increase throughput.

Get More Cars Out Faster

Eliminating manual processes such as yard audits that cause delays and slow down your workflow.

Light on Infrastructure, High on ROI

Discover how you can leverage real-time vehicle visibility and driver insights to significantly drive down costs and boost efficiency.

Illuminate the Black Hole In Your Yard

Tailored for auto-auctions, we make it easy to not only find the right vehicles, but provide next-level insights to reduce sale day dropouts and improve utilization of the mech, detail and body shops.

Physically Attach and Virtually Associate

Easily associate the tag to the vehicle with a barcode scanner or mobile app and attach a vehicle tracking tag on the rearview mirror.

Quickly Find The Vehicle Using Spotlight

AI-powered location will guide you to the vehicle(s) and an ultra-bright LED light blink on your selected vehicles when you activate the Spotlight feature.

Zero Touch Data Capture on Movement

Vehicle location is automatically captured, transmitted, and logged along with the trip details and driver information.

Effortlessly Leverage Location Insights

Location Data is processed by cloud application & presented through mobile apps, portals, automated alerts and analytics.

What Our Partnership Looks Like

Imagine a state in which you have total visibility to each vehicle as it moves through the yard workflow. You understand not only its planned movements, but also its actual movement- receiving alerts when it moved from the sale lot to the truck-out pad. Over time, you are able to use that collective movement data to identify bottlenecks and areas for improved operational performance. This is what partnering with Cognosos would give you.

Improved Your Cycle Times

Eliminating operational waste and reducing vehicle dwell time results in reduced cycle times and improved ETA.

Improved Working Conditions

Yard workers spend less time looking for vehicle in harsh weather conditions.

Reduction in Lost & Damaged Vehicles

Real-time alerting eliminates lost vehicles and allows for a quick response to unauthorized moves.

Happier Transportation Partners

Enable transportation carriers to find and load vehicles more quickly with the Cognosos Mobile App. 

Auto Auction Visibility

Cognosos Location Intelligence for Vehicles 

Discover how easy it is to ensure vehicles are in the right place, at the right time every step of the process. From CR to mech to On Spot to sale and transport, there is a better way with Cognosos.

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