With breakthrough technology from Cognosos, Auto Auctions stay competitive by leveraging real-time vehicle location data throughout the entire auction process.
The result: complete visibility to vehicle locations across your lots for your staff (as well as consignors and buyers, if you like). Control over workflow through areas like check-in and detailing, and ultimate assurance that vehicles are on-spot on auction day.

Common Challenges Faced by Auto Auctions

As labor costs continue to rise and the auction market becomes increasingly competitive, Auto Auctions are challenged to ensure they’re getting the most out of their workforce while delivering an outstanding experience to their consignors and buyers. Managing the dynamic auction environment brings many challenges, including:

  • Efficiently locating specific vehicles across auction lots
  • Tracking vehicles through pre-auction prep processes (check-in, mechanics, body, wash)
  • Ensuring lot staff are allocated effectively
  • Ensuring vehicles are on-spot and ready for their proper lanes on auction day
  • Aging vehicles that haven’t moved in order to determine their status and ensure they start


How has Cognosos improved the auction experience?

“One of the challenges of running an auction is finding cars. [With Cognosos] people are able to look at the app and walk right to the car.”

~ Bob McConkey, President/CEO of McConkey Auction Group

Hear more about McConkey Auction Group’s experience with Cognosos and the RadioTrax application from Bob McConkey and his team.

Using Location Intelligence to Transform Auction Operations

With hundreds or thousands of vehicles cycling through the auction process on a weekly basis, it’s time to start leveraging technology to improve operations. The advantages of real-time location intelligence extend beyond just finding vehicles; it provides visibility to the flow of inventory through auction processes, ensures maximum sale rates on auction day, and opens up new revenue like storage fees.

  • Use extensive search capabilities – including information from auction management systems like Auction Edge – to locate vehicles 100% of the time, with GPS accuracy
  • Use smartphone navigation to get to targeted vehicles efficiently
  • Improve labor utilization and get expensive employees focused on high-value work
  • Identify vehicles that are out of place and need to be moved to their on-spot location for auction
  • Track and report vehicle aging to ensure they are operational and determine whether storage fees apply

How has Cognosos improved auction operations?

“Cognosos has greatly increased the efficiency of our auction facilities!  Whether a vehicle needs a mechanical check or detail service; Cognosos has made locating the vehicles on our 40 acre lot a breeze.”


~ Dylan Skogman, Outside Operations Manager, San Antonio Auto Auction

Auction Edge Integration with Cognosos

Auction Edge and Cognosos are in partnership to deliver full visibility to your auction inventory and its location.  Integrated check-in ensures that vehicles flow through the auction entry area efficiently. Descriptive attributes from all your vehicles in Auction Edge are automatically pulled into Cognosos, allowing you to search for vehicles or groups of vehicles in a whole, new variety of ways.

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Cognosos is an Associate Member of the National Auto Auction Association

What Can You Expect with Cognosos?

  • Accurate, real-time geolocation data for all your inventory on site
  • Employees focused on value-added work instead of scanning and searching for inventory
  • Lower employee turnover leading to lower recruiting, hiring, and onboarding costs
  • The ability to better service your customers with improved information and visibility
  • An overall lower cost of ownership system that provides you with better information, leading to a fast return on investment
  • single technology partner who will monitor and maintain the system for you so you can focus on your operations and customers

Did it take long to set up?

“It went very smoothly, very quickly. We actually implemented about a week ahead of schedule.”

~Pat Simmons, Director of Technology and User Experience, McConkey

Find every vehicle, every time, immediately.

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