Real-Time Vehicle Location for Upfitters

Get real-time visibility and eliminate time wasted searching for vehicles and chassis, no matter where they are parked. Drive actionable insights to increase throughput and efficiency, and drive greater profitability for your organization.

Don’t Let Your Yards Be a Black Hole

Vehicle location intelligence from Cognosos allows upfitters to effectively manage inventory and production timelines while avoiding delays caused by misplaced vehicles.

See Why You’re Missing Your KPIs

Easily identify bottlenecks and inefficiencies in your processes.

Reduce unnecessary Moves

Shine a light on invisible and wasteful moves to identify inefficiencies.

Increase Throughput

Develop optimal processes, execute perfectly.

Stop searching for missing vehicles and chassis

Utilize our Spotlight feature to help drivers find the right vehicles faster. Press a button on the mobile app and an ultra-bright LED light will blink on vehicles that match specific search criteria, making it easier than ever to locate vehicles. Automated alerts and API integrations (with enterprise systems) make it easy to ensure vehicles are efficiently moving through the established processes.

Find Assets Easily, day or night, rain or shine

Real-time location intelligence of all assets 24/7/365.

Identify Exceptions Quickly so Action can be Taken Immediately

Automated alerting enables you to act quickly and resolve potential issues before they escalate.

Multi-Site Visibility Provides a Single View for All Yards

Easily get a complete view of your operations and see all vehicles wherever they are parked.

FVL Spotlight

Eliminate Driver Inefficiencies

Real-time vehicle and chassis location enables upfitters to eliminate time looking for assets while receiving actionable insights, resulting in increased throughput and decrease costs.

Increase Productivity

Expand your existing staffs’ capacity while eliminating less productive activities.

Significantly Reduce Attrition

Provide the right tools to ensure high levels of job satisfaction.

Consistently Meet Deadlines

Maintain process integrity and gain actionable insights to further improve.

Reduce Variable Operational Expenses

Automate Vehicle Damage Audits


Detect Theft in Real Time


Eliminate Chargebacks for Missing Production Schedules


Light on Infrastructure, High on ROI

Discover how you can leverage real-time vehicle visibility and driver insights to significantly drive down costs and boost efficiency.
Your Success is Our Mission

Customer Stories

We are dedicated to ensuring that our customers achieve their goals and realize the full value of real-time visibility. Discover how businesses like yours have achieved success with our AI-powered location intelligence.

“There is a measurable improvement in efficiency because I’m receiving real-time location updates for 100% of my inventory, 24 hours per day, 365 days a year."

Real-Time Vehicle Location Intelligence

We’ve simplified the process of locating the correct vehicle more efficiently. At the same time, we’ve equipped managers with the necessary tools to make data-driven decisions that enhance operational efficiency

Physically Attach and Virtually Associate

Easily associate the tag to the vehicle with a barcode scanner or mobile app and attach a vehicle tracking tag on the rearview mirror.

Quickly Find The Vehicle Using Spotlight

Cognosos App will guide you to the vehicle(s) and an ultra-bright LED light blink on your selected vehicles when you activate the Spotlight feature.

Zero Touch Data Capture on Movement

Vehicle location is automatically updated, transmitted, and logged along with the movement history and driver auditing.

Effortlessly Leverage Location Insights

Location Data is processed by RadioCloud® and presented in mobile apps, the Cognosos portal with automated alerts and analytics.

Cognosos Location Intelligence for Upfitters

Discover how you can leverage real-time vehicle visibility and driver insights to significantly drive down costs and boost efficiency.

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