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4 Ways RTLS Improves Staff Retention and Recruitment for Finished Vehicle Logistics

There is no doubt that real-time location systems (RTLS) are making major tracks across diverse industries worldwide. 

ResearchAndMarkets.com projects the global RTLS market will continue growing at a CAGR of 22.8% from 2019 to 2026, when it will reach $11.47 billion. Driving this impressive growth is the increasing awareness of the value proposition RTLS technologies deliver across core operations, fiscal performance, and customer service. 

RTLS has been documented to:

  • Optimize material flow and production throughput. 
  • Maximize the ROI on equipment and assets.
  • Improve overall supply chain processes while reducing associated costs. 
  • Facilitate better customer service.

What may be less considered, but nonetheless equally important, are the positive effects RTLS have on employees and the environment in which they work. This is especially critical in the finished vehicle logistics industry where staff retention and recruitment efforts have been diminished by inefficient manual processes that can produce unfavorable working conditions.

1. Elevating The Work Experience in Finished Vehicle Logistics 

Consider the plight of employees, who work in a vehicle yard or a manufacturing plant and whose job is to locate various vehicles and/or equipment as part of an organization’s automotive supply chain processes. Running from one end of a large yard to another or across a production floor with a clipboard in hand, trying to track a vehicle or some piece of equipment, can be both exhausting and stressful, especially when other processes are dependent on the ability of an employee to locate inventory. Given the haphazard layouts of many yards and manufacturing floors, difficulties, and delays in locating the specific item is more often the norm than the exception. Inevitably, this leads to delays which are frustrating and costly.

With RTLS technologies, much of the stress can be eliminated from this scenario. Instead, employees armed and supported with real-time information can efficiently locate the inventory and promptly complete the assigned task. Empowered by RTLS technology, the employee feels much more productive and far less stressed.

2. Advancing Employees from Low-Value to High-Value Functions

Now, free from the previous time-wasting, inefficient manual process, that same employee has the opportunity not only to perform asset location/tracking more efficiently, but also shift from a reactive to a proactive approach in their work. Having the confidence that the real-time location for the inventory they are responsible for is readily available and will not require an indefinite amount of their time to find, enables employees to divert their new-found free time and attention to higher-value tasks that can better benefit operations.

This, in turn, leads to greater employee satisfaction, loyalty and the likelihood of contributing more to the organization’s growth and success. 

3. Employee Safety

Unconstrained movement across manufacturing facilities and yards poses an increased risk for employees. Even more so for the employee who is more focused on canvassing a lot or large space looking for an asset than they are on paying close attention to where they are going. Add in inclement weather and extreme temps (hot or cold) and it is understandable that any tool that can aid in optimizing the time spent outside could benefit employees – and the organization at large-greatly.

RTLS technology plays a critical role in keeping employees safe. By eliminating the need for employees to rush across busy yards or production floors, the potential for accidents and employees sustaining injuries can be reduced. Additionally, having immediate access to precise, real-time location of assets nearly eliminates the need to spend extended periods of searching while being exposed to the elements, easing the physical burden of seasonal weather fluctuations.

4. Employee Retention

Whether deployed by an automotive manufacturer, construction materials supplier, airport, utility, hospital, or other organization which relies on efficient location and monitoring of assets, RTLS technology is having a profoundly positive effect on employees and their work. Employees that see their employer embracing advanced technologies that can make their jobs safer and easier leads to a more productive and fulfilling experience for all parties.

According to a recent article from entrepreneur.com, by 2025 millennials will account for 75% of the American workforce. As this new generation of employees comes on-board, they are bringing with them their nearly life-long experience (and expectation) for connected technology, and the benefits that come along with it.

A prime example of this expectation is the ability to leverage GPS or Bluetooth technology to easily locate items. Having next-gen tools and technology in place to support worker safety and productivity is an encouraging sign to jobseekers and enables them to have faith that the company they have signed-on with is adaptable, forward-thinking, and focused on employee satisfaction.

Cognosos provides real-time asset intelligence for some of the world’s leading manufacturers, helping them streamline their operations while providing their employees with the tools to do their jobs more safely.

If you want to learn more about the return-on-investment logic for RTLS 2.0 technology compared to other solutions including barcode, handheld scanners, RFID and telematics, then download our latest eBook, Unlocking ROI in vehicle logistics tracking solutions.

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