Q&A: AI is set to meet the needs of modern healthcare

Q&A: AI is set to meet the needs of modern healthcare

Cognosos is addressing the significant challenges faced by U.S. hospitals, including the loss of millions of dollars due to stolen, lost, and misplaced equipment, and the high incidence of non-fatal workplace violence experienced by 40 percent of healthcare workers in the last two years. Their solution leverages real-time tracking technology and AI to ensure mobile medical equipment is readily available for nurses and clinical teams, thereby enhancing efficiency and eliminating the need for nurses to search for equipment. This technology not only facilitates better patient care but also addresses staff safety concerns through Cognosos Guardian, a discreet wearable badge designed to help employees in distress signal for immediate assistance, distinguishing itself from traditional staff duress systems by offering comprehensive coverage and real-time location tracking.


Cognosos has overcome technological challenges inherent in hospital environments—such as the need for room-level accuracy and the avoidance of network bottlenecks—by developing AI-powered location intelligence that functions effectively across complex hospital landscapes. By deploying a dedicated network and cloud-based AI, Cognosos provides a viable, cost-effective solution for asset management and staff duress. Additionally, they plan to extend their AI-driven innovations to address broader hospital efficiency challenges and expand their technology’s application to the automotive and logistics industries, demonstrating the versatile potential of AI in improving operational efficiencies and safety across sectors.

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