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Seamless Updates and Enhanced Vehicle Visibility: What to Know About Our Latest Asset Tag Innovation

Real-time vehicle location has been a game changer for the finished vehicle supply chain, dramatically transforming what’s possible and delivering significant cost and productivity improvements.

With Cognosos’ GPS-enabled asset tags, yard operators can obtain unprecedented levels of vehicle location accuracy, pinpointing a vehicle’s location to within ten feet or so—two or three parking spaces, in other words.

And that location is guaranteed to be updated every time a vehicle is moved, thanks to each tag’s onboard accelerometer. In yards containing 20,000 vehicles, 30,000 vehicles, or even more, this is a significant productivity boost: no more fruitless searches for misplaced vehicles and no need for periodic yard audits to double-check the location of every vehicle.

There’s also no need for hefty infrastructure costs associated with legacy technologies like RFID or conventional in-yard wireless solutions, as Cognosos’ patented low-cost, long-range wireless network offers a range of up to 2 miles outdoors and up to 100,000 square feet indoors. 

Move over barcodes and RFID solutions: True, automated real-time vehicle location has arrived, and it’s poised to keep getting better. 

Unveiling our new fourth-generation tags

Recently, we introduced the fourth generation of asset tags targeted at finished vehicle logistics applications. The RT-270 tag opens up powerful new functionality to deliver even more efficiencies and cost savings. Most notably, the new RT-270 tag incorporates an ultra-bright LED light, which can be triggered on demand by users using the FlashLightTM option built into the Cognosos smartphone app. 

In practice this new functionality shaves even more time off of every vehicle search, eliminating the need for visual VIN verification. Instead of using time to compare VIN numbers, yard personnel can simply click a button and illuminate the light on the tag associated with the vehicle they are searching for.

What’s more, the FlashLight feature is vital for time-savings in poor lighting conditions—early morning shifts, evening/night shifts, or unfavorable weather conditions, like snow. Drivers can also use the same FlashLight functionality to identify complete batches of vehicles, should the need arise.

Improved connectivity to enable seamless upgrades

Something else that distinguishes this new generation of tag is that it incorporates 900MHz  wireless  connectivity.  i

Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) uses the same 2.4GHz radio frequencies as classic Bluetooth but is optimized for reduced power consumption and extended battery life while achieving a similar communication range as classic Bluetooth.

The additional bandwidth delivered by 900MHz technology offers several advantages . One of which is the ability to deploy software updates and new features to  tags wirelessly via “over the air”(OTA). The included BLE technology enables a host of new use cases beyond Spotlight, these upgrades can be made  available to RT-270 users at the click of a button via OTA updates, ensuring seamless integration and maximum convenience. 

Throughout 2023, additional use cases enabled by the RT-270 tag will be announced, providing further insights and visibility to enhance yard management. 

Another innovative step in the right direction

Combining all these features, the fourth-generation RT-270 tag is poised to make an even greater impact on the downstream finished vehicle supply chain.

With improved productivity, expanded use cases, enhanced battery management, seamless over-the-air updates, and increased cost savings, the RT-270 tag is tech we’re justifiably proud of.

To learn more about how Cognosos’ real-time vehicle location solution can benefit your operations, download our guide, “How to improve FVL efficiency and profitability” now. 

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