Cognosos Leverages AI to Make Smart Real-Time Location Services Accurate and Affordable

Cognosos Leverages AI to Make Smart Real-Time Location Services Accurate and Affordable


In this insightful podcast interview between John from Healthcare IT Today and Adrian, they explore the significant challenges healthcare facilities face in tracking and managing equipment. Adrian, Chief Product Officer at Cognosos, emphasizes the prevalent issue of stolen and lost equipment in healthcare facilities, leading to the need for an efficient asset management system. The discussion touches upon the various methods through which equipment disappears, including theft, misplacement in laundry or trash, and the challenges of tracking smaller items.


Adrian sheds light on the fact that the problem extends beyond theft, encompassing the difficulty of locating essential equipment within hospitals, leading to a substantial overspending on equipment replacement. The conversation delves into the specific types of equipment frequently stolen or lost, with a focus on smaller, valuable items that are easily smuggled out.


The interview highlights the adoption of Real-Time Location Systems (RTLS) to address these challenges. Adrian explains the shift from traditional RTLS approaches to the innovative use of AI and machine learning, making RTLS more affordable, efficient, and scalable. The discussion emphasizes the importance of building trust among healthcare professionals by ensuring that the equipment is reliably where it should be, reducing the burden on nurses and enhancing overall efficiency.


The implementation of AI in RTLS is presented as a game-changer, providing hospitals with a cloud-based solution that not only tracks equipment but also analyzes data to optimize processes. Adrian discusses how this technology goes beyond merely finding lost items, aiming to prevent losses in the first place and creating a self-configuring hospital environment. The conversation concludes with a glimpse into the future of RTLS, where AI and big data are poised to revolutionize equipment tracking and utilization, offering hospitals a more intelligent and responsive system.


Watch the full interview at Healthcare IT Today.

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