Expert Dissects New Generation of Asset Tracking

TechNation Webinar: Expert Dissects New Generation of Asset Tracking

The Webinar Wednesday session “The New Generation of Asset Tracking” was sponsored by Cognosos and eligible for 1 credit from the ACI.


In this 60-minute webinar, Cognosos Chief Product Officer Adrian Jennings discussed the transition from bulky, problematic RTLS systems that once dominated the market to a lightweight, wireless versions in service today. The new generation of RTLS are less complicated and much less expensive to install. The new systems provide room-level tracking without room-level hardware and deliver on the promise of a hard-dollar driven return on investment.


In this webinar, Jennings examined the key components to building a strong finance driven RTLS business case and the larger impact increased equipment visibility delivers to a facility.


More than 100 individuals registered for this popular webinar. Attendees obtained valuable information from the session with additional expert insights during a question-and-answer session 


Click here to watch “The New Generation of Asset Tracking”

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