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Five reasons why you need RTLS now!

As a company that provides RTLS (real-time location services) across multiple industries, we see the same challenge occur across nearly every industry we serve: it is time to ship inventory, staff go to locate it and it is nowhere to be found. What is different about heavy machinery like farming equipment; however, is the critical nature of the work that it performs. Without it, subsequent supply chains break down, so if it’s unlocatable for finishing or delivered late, the impacts can be far reaching.

RTLS from Cognosos provides a re-imagined solution that enables real-time location simply, easily and affordably. Our patented long-range networking capabilities combined with GPS are easily installed, taking days, not weeks, and bringing assets online quickly to self-report location. Powerful data is then displayed on the Cognosos portal, unlocking insights that help optimize workflows, reduce costs and deliver a better experience to your customers.

RTLS from Cognosos solves the immense challenge of location inventory. Here are five reasons why you need it today!

  1. Massive lots and facilities – The sheer size of a manufacturing facility and its accompanying WIP and finished good lots is massive. A large plant may have WIP, finished goods and parts-trailers spread across a campus covering over 200 acres or more. To locate anything in an area that large can take hours, if not days. RTLS can eliminate that challenge.
  2. Re-focus employees on higher-value work – When it takes less time to search for inventory, staff can focus on higher-value work. By removing the accepted and age-old challenge of locating inventory, we enable our customers to focus on solving other issues which often have higher-impact and greater benefits. 
  3. Production surge management – The stress and disruption that the COVID-19 pandemic placed on the manufacturing supply chain has had long-lasting effects. Unfortunately, one of those is a surge in inventory as manufacturers attempt to manages parts shortages. With that, comes an influx in challenges related to the  location of inventory as a result of WIP and finished inventory growing rapidly. As your facility recovers from pandemic-related challenges, now is the time to brace for impact! 
  4. Reduce labor costs and increase satisfaction – A common and often much-welcomed byproduct of implementing an RTLS solution is a decrease in labor costs due to the elimination of time-consuming (and often burdensome) manual searches. In addition, removing the frustration of searching for inventory in harsh winter or summer weather conditions is often accompanied by an increase in employee satisfaction, reducing turnover.
  5. When you know better you do better – In addition to real-time location information for inventory, RTLS solutions generate a wealth of data that can help illuminate insights around process, throughput and cycle-times. This information is immensely beneficial in identifying problem areas (or specific problem assets) as well as helping teams improve processes and eliminate bottlenecks. 

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