How vehicle tracking tech can add visibility to outbound logistics

How Vehicle Tracking Tech Can Add Visibility to Outbound Logistics

by Adrian Jennings, Cognosos Chief Product Officer


Every company in the automotive logistics sector has a goal to cut the time and effort it takes to get vehicles through the supply chain and into the hands of the end user. Inbound logistics has been using tracking tech to speed up this process, but Cognosos says finished vehicle logistics is catching up – and could be set to overtake it.


The finished vehicle logistics market has had a tough few years following the pandemic. As the market recovers, it is struggling with lead times due to issues in rail and ro-ro, as well as labour shortages and capacity shortages affecting consistency in logistics operations. Having more visibility over the logistics and supply chain could help the sector to plan more effectively, improve efficiency and increase quality, and asset-tracking software provider Cognosos believes it has the tools to help the industry recover smoothly.


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