Implementing Your Real-Time Vehicle Visibility Solution: What to Expect

The benefits of a real-time vehicle visibility solution are clear: seamless tracking, increased efficiency, ability to identify and address bottlenecks, and robust analytics. But once you’ve decided to move forward with Cognosos’ solution, what can you expect during the implementation?

The process can vary, and implementing some systems can take more time than others, but Cognosos offers a streamlined and efficient implementation process to get you up and running as quickly as possible. Below, we explore the process step by step.

Step 1: Pre-Implementation and Scoping

No two vehicle yards are the same. Each organization has different priorities, pressures, and challenges. So before implementation begins, Cognosos aims to understand your unique business by asking three critical questions:

1. What business problems are you trying to solve?

Real-time visibility can solve a number of problems — so we want to drill down into what’s most important to your organization. For instance, a company may want to eliminate excessive search times for vehicles or reduce time spent on manual processes.

2. What outcomes do you want to achieve based on those problems?

You can’t manage what you don’t measure. We seek to understand the ultimate outcomes you want to achieve, whether that’s saving money, reducing vehicle moves, or retaining staff. That allows us to customize yard management metrics — such as labor efficiency or average move time per driver — so you can make informed decisions about your most critical priorities.

3. Which stakeholders and staff should be part of the implementation process?

Implementation goes much more smoothly when we work with a carefully selected implementation team or steering committee made up of key staff. With representatives from different teams, this committee will be able to provide a range of feedback and help plan the strategic placement of equipment.

Step 2: Implementation

During this phase, the equipment is installed, tested, and tuned. At the same time, user training is finalized, so all users can confidently and proficiently use the system. Once you are satisfied with how the system is working and that all users are sufficiently trained, the system goes live.

Step 3: Monitoring and Improvement

Of course, Cognosos support doesn’t end once the system is live. To help you get the highest return on investment, we regularly review the operation of your system and meet with you to collect feedback. This allows us to fix issues quickly and respond to any changes in your yard’s operations or physical footprint. On-demand instructional material, such as guides and best practices, are also available on the cloud-based support portal.

Getting the most out of your real-time vehicle visibility solution requires a thoughtful and comprehensive implementation process. For a more detailed look into Cognosos’ process, from the moment you place your order to the moment your system goes live, download our guide, ROI in the Fast Lane: A Guide to Implementing Cognosos’ Real-Time Vehicle Visibility Solution.

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