Wayfinding system in an operating room

Leveraging Your Hospital’s Existing Wayfinding Technology

The recent strain on healthcare systems has highlighted the need for simplified, efficient and cost-effective real-time asset location. Unfortunately, only now are many hospitals realizing their current real-time location system (RTLS) does not perform as expected, or worse, doesn’t work altogether.

But in a time like the present, how is it possible to deploy a new RTLS solution without further disrupting clinical operations?

The answer lies in a system that may be already installed in your hospital: your indoor navigation app, also commonly known as wayfinding. This RTLS contains the exact framework and hardware needed to implement highly-accurate real-time asset tracking — quickly.

When leveraging RTLS, like wayfinding that’s already installed, the investment made in enabling indoor location can be repurposed. This extends its use to a high-value function with impactful ROI.

Here’s why:

  1. Thanks to the ultra-lightweight footprint of BLE technology, RTLS can be implemented without new electrical or network cables, without entering patient rooms, and without lifting ceiling tiles.
  2. The wayfinding technology’s Bluetooth beacons and digital maps have already been created and can be used as the basis for configuring the RTLS asset tracking portal, and the assignment of rooms, floors and zones. 
  3. The dedicated wireless backhaul leverages patented technology which typically only requires one to two connected devices per floor (about the size of a wireless router), eliminating any connectivity to your wi-fi network.
  4. Our cloud-based applications are remotely provisioned and managed for your site requiring minimal operational interference to get the system up and running.

Real-time location services from Cognosos are helping hospitals solve the challenge of locating inventory in real time, while providing powerful insights to unlock efficiencies and reduce costs.

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