Supporting the Supply Chain with RTLS

by Adrian Jennings, Cognosos Chief Product Officer


While this technology has existed for over twenty years, healthcare and automotive companies are increasingly realizing the potential of RTLS

Industries like healthcare and automotive have one very important thing in common: the need to know where their critical assets are at all times. While seemingly simple, in such busy and sometimes chaotic settings, things aren’t always where they should be–often resulting in wasted time, effort, and financial resources. And considering the potential for a global recession and prolonged supply chain crunch, businesses cannot afford to lose money from poor (or nonexistent) asset tracking.

Now more than ever, real-time asset visibility is critical. Consequently, many companies are considering the benefits of real-time location services (RTLS). Until recently, though, deploying this technology was too expensive, complex, and disruptive to deliver ROI and justify the expense.


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