Real-Time Vehicle Location

Achieve total visibility to your inventory, reduce the time it takes to locate vehicles, and get allocated vehicles shipped out to the dealer network faster

Transform Vehicle Location Into Actionable Intelligence

Transform Finished Vehicle Logistics (FVL) operations through access to real-time vehicle location data and analytics. Gain complete control over vehicle finishing processes, reduce costs and errors associated with legacy technologies like manual scanning and RFID, and increase employee satisfaction and retention.

  • Increase the velocity of the finished vehicle supply chain and drive ROI by reducing inventory holding costs
  • Eliminate barcode scanning and remove human error associated with legacy technologies
  • Turn data into insights with powerful reporting capabilities that identify inefficiency and inform decisions
  • Improve employee satisfaction and retention with tools that reduce manual workflows and physical labor


Want to Kick the Tires?

Case Study

The vehicle processing center at Kia’s West Point plant handles 1,200 vehicles per day, each of which are moved 8-10 times before leaving the yard. After implementing real-time asset visibility from Cognosos, the operation saw a drastic improvement in cycle times, efficiency, recruitment and employee satisfaction.

The Cognosos solution is credited with delivering a 15-20% increase in efficiency

Robert Carmichael

VPC General Manager | Hyundai Glovis

Achieving Positive ROI with Cognosos RTLS 2.0 

Cognosos’ is the only real-time asset intelligence software that provides everything you need from a tracking solution.

  • Quick to Deploy: No need to install costly & extensive infrastructure means you   can be up & running in weeks.
  • Positive ROI: SaaS-based pricing provides the lowest total cost of ownership, and enables a positive ROI after only a few months.
  • Accurate Real-Time Location Data: Eliminate wasting time scouring lots with instant visibility to assets and inventory.
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Benefits of RTLS from Cognosos

Reduce Vehicle Holding Costs

Accelerate the finished vehcile supply chain and process vehicles more quickly

Quick ROI with Lowest TCO

Implement RTLS with the lowest total cost of ownership and immediate line-of-sight to ROI

Real-Time Visibility For Your Inventory

See the location of every vehicle in your inventory with the click of a button

Increase Employee Satisfaction

Empower yard personnel to complete assigned tasks efficiently, and reduce physically taxing workflows

Minimal Infrastructure Required

Cognosos ultra-lightweight networking technology deploys easily and without a heavy-lift from IT or cross functional teams

Powerful Insights & Reporting

Leverage reports like dwell time and throughput to understand how assets move through the finished vehicle supply chain


Finished Vehicle Logistics


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