Achieve total visibility to your inventory, reduce the time it takes to locate vehicles, and get allocated vehicles shipped out to the dealer network faster

Transform Vehicle Location Data Into Hard-Dollar Savings

You can’t measure what you don’t track, and you can’t improve what you don’t measure

The downstream finished vehicle supply chain can be characterized by a single word: interdependencies. Each link in the chain is striving to drive down its costs and maximize its profits—but is held back by the actions of adjacent links, both upstream and downstream.

Simply put, if vehicles could be located more quickly, and more accurately, then you start to see the waterfall effect of savings.

  • Locate vehicles quickly and eliminate time wasted searching
  • Move vehicles through the finished vehicle supply chain more efficiently and reduce holding costs
  • Increase driver productivity and decrease operational stop gaps
  • Decrease train loading time and truck congestion
  • …and the savings continue to compound

Discover Your ROI from RTLS

Case Study

The vehicle processing center at Kia’s West Point plant handles 1,200 vehicles per day, each of which are moved 8-10 times before leaving the yard. After implementing real-time asset visibility from Cognosos, the operation saw a drastic improvement in cycle times, efficiency, recruitment and employee satisfaction.

The Cognosos solution is credited with delivering a 15-20% increase in efficiency

Robert Carmichael

VPC GM | Hyundai Glovis

Build Your Own Cognosos Value Analysis

Across 16 separate costs or inefficiencies, stakeholders can enter the relevant indicative parameters impacting each of those costs or inefficiencies within their own operations, drawing on their own cost structures and operational knowledge, in order to generate a resulting savings real-time roll-up expressed in hard-dollar terms.  

For Your Internal Use:

  • Create a custom business analysis using proprietary information
  • Calculate your ROI
  • Measure KPI’s ongoing
  • Develop new categories for savings (e.g., insurance fees reduced based on theft reduction)
  • Drive better communication at all levels of the company
Finished Vehicle Logistics


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