Healthcare – Clinical Workflow Automation & Management

Clinical Workflow Automation & Management for Healthcare

Leverage the power of RTLS to enhance the coordination of care with visibility into the location and status of your patients, staff, and equipment.

Eliminate inefficient processes that lead to costly delays

  • Inefficient staffing/too many or the wrong staffing or staff to patient ratios appropriate for the facility type
  • Long patient waits times / LWOT (leave without treatment)
  • Inefficient patient throughput
  • Slow room turnaround
  • Poor reputation in the market (brand loyalty)
  • Low satisfaction scores
Clinical workflow automations helps ensure patients arrive on-time, in a clean room, with all required staff members and assets present.

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Financial Impact of Inefficient Processes:

A patient who arrives late, a missing staff member, a room that has not been cleaned for the next procedure, an asset missing or not cleaned after the last care encounter can impact perioperative efficiencies and revenue by creating delayed procedures, which can ripple across the entire surgical schedule with high cost of idle staff or rooms.


Idle Rooms = Missed Revenue


Operating Rooms at Hospital


Avg. Cost Per Minute for OR Room


Minutes lost per surical suite per day

= $278,640

Annual total of non-Billable Time Lost to Delays

You Can’t Measure What You Can’t Track

Efficient workflows hinge on the ability to combine quality care with organized processes to maximize revenue. To accomplish this, hospitals require campus-wide, room-level visibility enabling an accurate picture of their processes and unlocking data that powers insights.  

Precise Visbility to Your Caregivers & mobile Assets

Hassle-free installation with no devices in patient rooms or construction that disruptions operations

Easily Integrate into existing hospitals systems via API

Achieve Operational Excellence With Automated Workflow Management

Cognosos’ Clinical Workflow Automation & Management enables hospitals and healthcare facilities to increase operational efficiencies to improve patient care throughout multiple areas of the hospital.

  • Achieve Optimal Staff to Patient Rations
  • Increase Throughput and room turnover
  • Reduce patient wait times
  • Reduce Leave without Treatment (LWOT)
  • Increase Patient Throughput
  • Improve On-time Starts for Procedures
  • Reduce Bottlenecks
  • Improve Patient Satisfaction


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