Room-level visibility, deployed in weeks, with a proven ROI

RTLS Asset Tracking For Hospitals & Healthcare Facilities

Leveraging artificial intelligence and long-range networking technology, the RTLS from Cognosos eliminates complex, costly and hardware-heavy RTLS infrastructure, instead providing an ultra-lightweight, highly-accurate solution that delivers value on day one.

  • Increase utilization of existing medical equipment
  • Reduce the time and cost of tracking & locating assets
  • Turn reactive work into proactive workflow
  • Deploy quickly with minimal support from functional teams
  • Install without disrupting clinical operations with wire pulls or the need to place equipment in patient rooms

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room-level asset tracking with minimal up-front investment

RTLS from Cognosos delivers a revolutionary approach to asset tracking providing room-level asset tracking with minimal up-front investment. By leveraging low-energy Bluetooth and combining it with our patented long-range wireless network technology, Cognosos delivers an ultra-lightweight footprint that can be deployed without entering patient rooms or disrupting clinical operations with the accuracy required to deliver a documented ROI.

Deploy RTLS in weeks, not months

Battery Powered Bluetooth BLE Beacons Placed Throughout Facility

  • No new wiring
  • No ripping down ceiling tiles
  • Minimal disruption to operations

Medical Grade Tags Sense Movement the Capture and Transmit the Data

  • Increase utilization of existing equipment
  • Dramatically reduce time & cost of tracking & locating equipment
  • Quickly recover equipment for processing & cleaning

Gateways Installed on Every Floor with a Range of 100k sq. ft. Covering 10k Assets

  • Reduct theft & loss of equipment with real-time alerts & alarms
  • Minimize Time to ROI with no large capital expenditures or major equipment purchases

Location Data Processed by Cloud Applications & Presented Through Apps, Portals, Automated Alerts & Analytics

  • Transform location data into actionable intelligence that informs decisions
  • Generate equipment-related staff notifications & assignments

Benefits of RTLS from Cognosos

Transform Reactive Work
into Proactive Process

Adjustable rules and automatic replenishment notifications to help teams stay ahead of asset maintenance and replenishment needs

Lowest TCO & Quickest ROI

Implement RTLS with the lowest total cost of ownership and immediate line-of-sight to ROI

Powered by A.I.
Industry-first A.I.-powered location classification engine establishes intelligent and reliable visibility that responds to changes in the environment and eliminates network decay

Increase Clinical Staff Satisfaction
Seamless access to needed equipment enables your clinical staff to focus on patient care

Easiest Installation
A.I. and machine learning models replace the need for extensive hardware, eliminating disruptive, expensive, & lengthy deployments

Facility-wide Visibility Produces Insights Enabling Greater Impact
Facility-wide visiblity delivers enhanced insights that empower the implementation of greater workflow efficiencies

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With over 650 licensed beds and nearly 245,000 emergency room visits in 2019, the staff at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta (CHOA) understands the urgent need for equipment to be efficiently managed and readily available. CHOA’s Scottish Rite and Egleston hospitals rely on Cognosos technology to provide accurate, real-time location for critical equipment to support their operations as they extend their heritage of providing industry-leading care.

LocationAI: More than Location Data, Location Intelligence

RTLS from Cognosos leverages machine learning and artificial intelligence to enable continuous tracking of mobile assets with precision. Once installed, our patent-pending LocationAI engine continues to monitor and adjust to changes in the facility’s environment, providing a responsive tracking solution that protects against network decay and accuracy degradation. Unlike other RTLS technology, Cognosos’ ultra-lightweight footprint installs easily and provides room-level accuracy at a fraction of the cost of other RTLS solutions, enabling teams to focus more on operational excellence and less on searching for missing assets.

  • Achieve room-level accuracy at the time of implementation and beyond
  • Uses machine learning to establish intelligent and reliable location visibility that responds to physical changes to enable ongoing accuracy
  • Eliminates network decay by automatically correcting for   changes in environmental factors, like infrastructure changes to the facility and equipment changes and movement
  • Provides uninterrupted support for mission-critical asset location applications

  • Long-range indoor networking technology combined with machine learning provides precise asset location
  • Locate medical equipment across your entire facility, including patient rooms, supply closets, hallways quickly and efficiently
  • Does not require closed doors to provide accuracy location
  • Access to power outlets in patients rooms is not required to reach in-room accuracy
  • Minimal hardware required to create a high quality location network
  • No technology licensing fees required to locate assets

  • Lightweight footprint – battery operated tags and beacons, absolutely no cable pulls, no ceiling tiles moved & no fingerprinting
  • Reduces overall TCO and time-to-value by minimizing installation timelines, labor costs and the support needed from functional teams
  • No interruptions to patient or clinical workflows
  • Complete facility mapping without having to invasive perform fingerprinting



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