RTLS ROI Analysis for Healthcare

Custom ROI & Total Time to Value Analysis for your Hospital

An ironic truth of RTLS asset tracking is that the value it provides often has little to do with actually tracking assets.

Let us complete a complementary ROI Analysis and demonstrate how our long-range, indoor networking technology, and patented LocationAI™ asset tracking engine revolutionizes RTLS and drastically reduces costs, installation timelines and footprint.

Here’s How Cognosos is Different:

  • Room-level visibility enables powerful, data-backed insights that inform process improvement
  • AI-powered location engine combined with proprietary wireless indoor networking technology eliminates hardware-heavy infrastructure and its associated installation costs
  • No wire or cable pulling means RTLS is up and running in weeks, without a heavy lift from IT
  • Modern, SaaS-based business model eliminates large capital outlay and drastically reduces time to ROI

Request an ROI Analysis For Your Hospital

The RTLS ROI Process


We’ll set up call to learn more about your operations, challenges, goals, and expectations for an RTLS Solution


You’ll complete our ROI template with inputs for some easy-to-gather data


We’ll evaluate your goals and data and run it through our proprietary ROI model. The share the results and walk your team through how we document and prove ROI

Cognosos RTLS for Healthcare

What to Expect

When you submit a request for an ROI Analysis, Cognosos will work with you and your team to aggregate the following information:

• Top tagged assets
• Number of each asset type
• Estimate of lost/stolen/misplaced assets
• Future purchases – replacing fleet or adding to existing
• Total rental days
• Floor plans and square footage



Schedule a demo and uncover how RTLS from Cognosos can improve operations while saving your facility money.


Request an ROI Analysis For Your Hospital

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