ROI from hospital RTLS is possible

Unlock the secret that many RTLS providers aren’t telling you

See why many asset tracking solutions cannot deliver their promised ROI, and how advanced AI is transforming the value proposition for hospital RTLS.
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  • Why enterprise-wide, room-level accuracy is essential to deriving the full benefits of RTLS
  • How most hospital RTLS solutions operate—and inevitably fail
  • How LocationAI works and overcomes traditional RTLS shortcomings by producing high-quality data from low-cost sensors
  • How LocationAI can help address acute pandemic-related challenges hospitals are facing right now.

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Cognosos LocationAI Whitepaper


Cognosos is paving the way for the next generation of real-time locating systems (RTLS) using a combination of inexpensive BLE hardware and an advanced AI platform. This powerful combination of hardware and software provides room-level-accurate asset location data, and a seamless installation process to deliver powerful RTLS at a fraction of the cost of legacy systems. The results? Instantaneous asset location and actionable insights that produce a measurable, hard-dollar, financial return.

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