Trailer Yard Visibility

Unlock the Potential of Your Yard with Location Intelligence

Location intelligence allows you to manage your trailers in real time while gaining actionable insights to eliminate wasteful processes, driving significant savings.

Don’t Let The Yard Be The Black Hole In Your Supply Chain

Without the visibility into trailer location and movement history, you’re missing critical insights into your yard processes. Time is also wasted searching for the right trailer or performing yard audits, and more money is spent on people and trucks to compensate for these inefficiencies. 

Don’t let your lack of visibility get in the way of throughput

Gain actionable insights that improve throughput from AI-powered trailer- and process-visibility.

Find Out Why You’re Missing Your KPI’s

Automatically capture data and derive insights to help eliminate bottlenecks and reach your throughput and dwell time goals.

Real-Time Visibility Enables Smarter Decision Making

Be confident in your decisions by connecting real-time visibility into your digital planning solutions.

Stop Spending Money to Increase Throughput

Do more with less when you partner with Cognosos. Not only will you get real-time location data for all of the trailers in the yard, but you’ll receive actionable insights into your process enabling data-backed decisions.

More trucks and more people may increase throughput in the short term, but it comes with a cost. Easily identify bottlenecks and inefficiencies so you can increase throughput without spending money.

Reduce The Amount of Unnecessary Moves

Stop throwing additional yard trucks & assets at inefficient processes.

Retain and Expand Capacity of Existing Staff

Re-focus employees on higher value work, eliminating the need for costly and time-consuming yard searches. Be able to move the same number of trailers with less switcher trucks and save money.

Eliminate Expensive Overtime During Inventory Spikes

Eliminate non-value added processes and reduce unplanned overtime with more efficient asset and labor utilization.

Stop Hunting for Missing Trailers

Throw away your clipboards and say goodbye to manual yard audits. Real-time visibility for all of the trailers in the yard eliminates wasted time searching for the right trailer, making required moves, or performing manual yard checks.

Finding the right trailer is easier than ever with Spotlight. Instantly locate trailers by GPS coordinates and when in proximity, a light will start blinking on the trailer(s) ensuring the right one is picked and moved. Partner with Cognosos to help make your yards more efficient today.

Stop Hunting for Missing Trailers

Every Trailer Tight Where it Should be

Eliminate costly delays by ensuring trailers move efficiently through the yard with always accurate location data, plus receive automated alerts about prolonged dwell and idle time and more.

Find it immediately, Day or Night, Rain or Shine

Quickly find the right trailer the first time; press a button on the mobile app and an ultra-bright LED light will blink on the selected trailer(s).

Eliminate Time-Consuming Manual Yard Checks

Instantly locate trailers by status or other attributes, in real-time, eliminating the time-consuming challenge of yard-wide, labor-intensive searches.


What is supposed to happen on paper rarely translates into the yard perfectly. Real-time visibility with integrated tasking assignments to find, hook, and move trailers puts the power in the hands of yard managers.

Assign work to your spotters remotely to remove efficiency-killing stops into the shipping office and harness behavioral insights to uncover and implement best practices in your operational processes.

Direct Drivers with Optimal Central Tasking

Integrated tasking assignments System directed workflow to find, hook and move.

Give Yard Operators the Tools They’re Missing

Remove manual paper processes, hand-written pick lists, and travel time into shipping offices for task assignments.

Gather Behavioral Insights to Discover Best Practices

Automatically record each transaction/action/task into your system of record in real time without manual input.

Light on Infrastructure, High on ROI

Discover how you can leverage real-time trailer visibility and movement insights to significantly drive down costs and increase throughput – all with minimal infrastructure.

Location Intelligence Unlocks The Potential of Your Yard

Gain real-time visibility into your yard, enabling you to make data-driven decisions with ease. Say goodbye to endless yard checks and hello to a more efficient, cost-effective, and productive yard visibility solution.

AI-Powered Location Data

Leverage Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning with a lightweight infrastructure to provide the most accurate location without a hefty price tag.

Achieve ROI with Self Funded SaaS Model

Benefit from the low total cost of ownership combined with hard-dollar savings using our lightweight infrastructure, leasing the tags.

Automate Through Self Reporting

Identify bottlenecks and other operational inefficiency with a “no touch” system that self-reports vehicle, driver, and trip details.

Intuitive Software with a Realtistic Map

Discover a visually immersive, and easily navigable environment, making it more user-friendly and effective than alternative solutions.

Illuminate the Black Hole In Your Yard

We’ve simplified the process of helping yard operators and spotters locate the correct trailer more efficiently. At the same time, we’ve equipped managers with the necessary tools to make data-driven decisions that enhance operational efficiency.

Send Tasks To Yard Operator To Move Trailer

Easily send tasks to yard operators remotely, using automated alerts and real-time trailer location to manage tasking effectively.

Quickly Find The Right Trailer Using Spotlight

AI-powered location will guide you to the trailer(s) and an ultra-bright LED light blink on your selected vehicles when you activate the Spotlight feature.

Zero Touch Data Capture on Movement

Guided directions are presented on where to move the trailer and the location is automatically captured, transmitted, and logged along with the trip details and driver information.

Effortlessly Leverage Location Insights

Location Data is processed by cloud application & presented through mobile apps, portals, automated alerts and analytics.

Trailer Yard Visibility

Cognosos Location Intelligence for Trailer Yards

Location intelligence allows you to manage your trailers in real time while gaining actionable insights to eliminate wasteful processes, driving significant savings.

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