Cognosos provides instant visibility to assets with the click of a button. Unlike other asset tracking solutions which require the installation of expensive infrastructure our patented wireless technology covers large lots and yards with minimal hardware. Cognosos asset tags eliminate repeated scanning and logging procedures with the inclusion of an accelerometer to transmit the last known location every time a tag moves, ensuring that the most current and accurate location information is transmitted to the online portal.

By connecting you to your assets, we provide the tools to streamline operations, accelerate revenue and provide world class customer service.

Cognosos trailer tag

Instant Visibility
Eliminate repetitive scanning and searching with the delivery of real-time location intelligence for every asset under management, across yards and remote storage facilities.

Reduce dwell time and unnecessary fees

Cognosos asset intelligence provides full visibility to your assets as they move through designated supply chain processes enabling the identification of bottlenecks or inefficiencies to help eliminate costly detention or demurrage charges.

Accelerate Supply Chains

Historical movement data and powerful insights from the Cognosos portal provide visual tools to help identify areas for supply chain acceleration. Leverage reports for dwell time and throughput to understand how assets move throughout your yard and facilities.

Manage Exceptions
Manage by exception, closely monitoring problem assets to ensure issues are remedied in a timely manner.   

Automate Business Rules

Apply your own business rules to assets and their locations, alerting you if they’re not where they’re supposed to be based on geofence zone assignments.

Cognosos patented technology provides outdoor coverage of up to two miles with the deployment of a single gateway

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