Our complete asset intelligence platform is the smarter, more productive way to locate equipment and inventory as it moves within your facilities.

Cognosos’ Real-Time Location Services (RTLS) connects your assets to the cloud, delivering the intelligence you need to improve inventory management, employee productivity and increase operational efficiencies.

Cognosos indoor tag

Install with ease
Install without lifting ceiling tiles, pulling new wires, or disrupting operations.  Cognosos uses low-cost, easily installed Bluetooth beacons to provide instant visibility to assets.

Leverage Existing Technology Investments

Our flexible technology can leverage existing digital maps and Bluetooth infrastructure, from a wayfinding system or Bluetooth-enabled lighting, to reduce cost and installation time.

Improve Productivity and Asset Utilization

Full visibility to important equipment and assets translates into improved efficiencies. Re-focus employees on high-value work while reducing unnecessary equipment rentals and excess purchases that make up for missing assets.


Accelerate Supply Chains
Find inventory faster and move it through the supply chain more efficiently, monitoring the status throughout to ensure it’s ready and available for your customers when needed.

Manage Exceptions
Manage by exception, zeroing in on problem assets that haven’t moved or are in need of maintenance by understanding the dwell time profile for every asset under management.

Automate Business Rules

Apply your own business rules to assets and their locations to monitor inventory levels and reduce loss or theft.

Cognosos patented technology provides room-level RTLS with minimal disruptions or barriers to deployment.

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